Sit on Top Kayaks

sit-on top kayaks are the ideal choice for anyone wanting to hit the water for some serious fun!

Brilliant toys for the beach… their flexibility allows them to be enjoyed by all. Whether scooting around; catching a wave; climbing on; diving off; dropping a line over the side or escaping round to the next bay. Sit-ons are equally at home on lakes or canals as they track well, are easy to handle and have room for a little-one too! Of course you can easily climb back on again if you happen to fall off… which leaves you worry free!  Testing


Exceptional stability and user friendly handling means you need look no further for a versatile kayak to suit thrill seekers and families at the beach, lake or river.

Scooter Gemini

The Scooter Gemini is all about sharing the fun times!!! It's Scooter fun for two!

Triumph 13

Touring performance with the flexibility of a sit-on top. Swift and easy to paddle with an impressive glide and top speed. A versatile and forgiving craft great for touring or fishing.


The Five-O surf kayak mixes high performance and fun in a user-friendly package.